Kat McDonald
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10% LUCK 90% WIT

If you were a competitive thumb wrestler who was possessive about their pet rocks, how would you argue your survival on a desert island amongst your friends?

Every player gets two cards: a character and a characteristic. Each player must prove their traits are worthy to coexist with the traits of everyone else in order for the group to survive on the desert island on which you find yourselves stranded. When the debate is done, everyone votes on the player with the weakest argument — the player with the most votes is out. With every new round, players select two new cards. Or, to make it *really* difficult, just keep adding new characteristics to your existing character. Players who are voted off are still allowed to vote, so don’t forget to play nice. Or, nice enough… The player most recently voted off is the first to vote the next round, working clockwise from there. If there is a tie, each player who was voted for must pick up another characteristic card and debate against each other in a sudden death round. Then the group votes again until one is voted off.


Can you argue your survival?

Art Direction/Creative Concept. Branding. Product Design.


Where Friendship Comes down to a... vote?

We live in a era where debating is a way to pass time. This card game has you argue in order for you to win. The cards have absurd characters and characteristic to add to the comedy of the argument.

Pratt Institute. 2018.